Hans: I have always looked forward and never looked back.


Do you prefer an active lifestyle or a calmer one?

Definitely an active one. I’m a member of an organisation called Tupp in Gothenburg; the name Tupp stands for tempo, endurance and positive thinking. We meet up at six thirty in the morning every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and this is something we have done for 37 years in a row. I have visited our local sports centre Skatås in Gothenburg around 2400 times. I’m extremely proud to be so active at my age, and I’m 75 now. I also train in the gym and play golf sometimes, and I try doing weight training often to keep myself as fit as possible. However, running and golf are my main activities for the moment.

Do you like travelling?

Yes, I love travelling. Today I most often go to Spain to play golf. When you do the kind of work I do, you need to stay updated about new things, so I took several courses in different countries during the last years in order to update my knowledge of tax policy and economics. Today we have an opportunity to rent a flat in Spain, so we spend every spring and autumn there. We have been travelling around Europe most of the time, but we got friends who have a house in Thailand, and we have been there as well, where we played golf. We usually travel at least once a year, and sometimes even more often. 

Do you like being among many people?

I’m a Rotarian, and we have meetings once a week. There is another group with whom I go skiing for a week or so every year. We have been to the Alps; these guys have been going skiing there for 40 years now. But some time ago, they have switched to golf, so we meet and play golf once a week. Moreover, I’m quite active at my golf club in Bohuslän, where I’m currently working as an auditor, while also taking part in all possible activities. My wife and I love participating in contests organised by the club. With some other friends of mine, I go to see ice hockey or football. We meet before a game and have a beer. So I’m really very social.

Can you say that you are happy with the lifestyle you have today?


Whom do you see as your family: only the closest members of the family or all of your relatives?

Well, I have three children, and we meet regularly. I don’t have many relatives. I have a half brother and we get in touch  once in a while. My wife has a sister with whom we are in constant contact. I have four grandchildren and spend most of the time with them. We own a summer house in Bohuslän where we have a splendid time in summer with friends, long dinners and so on and so forth. The whole family gathers there.

What are your plans for the coming years?

My long-term plan is to cut down my work hours even more. My wife will retire next year. But I don’t want to stop working as it helps my brain and body to carry on, so I would like to continue to be a member of the board or doing something similar. We also plan to travel more. We like traveling to warm countries, so when my wife retires, we will spend more time abroad, especially, when it’s so dark and dull here as it is now. Such weather is depressing, and we are lucky to be active in some other ways. But I don’t have any other plans as for now.  

How did you interpret the words “mature age” when you were younger, and what do you think of it today?

I didn’t think of it at all when I was younger. I can say that I started thinking about it only after I turned 50. And when I turned 60, it was rather a pleasant experience. I have been so active for all these years, keeping myself fit, staying energetic and being in touch with pleasant people. I have always looked forward and never looked back. I’m trying not to look back as it can be quite depressing. If there is still some sand in the hourglass, I want it to run as slowly as possible.

How would you describe the benefits of your age?

Well, I feel quite experienced and wise if I may say so. Especially when talking about my profession, I feel that I have got a completely different kind of self-confidence today. When I was 40, I have been preparing much longer and felt nervous when I had to teach or give a lecture. It was extremely important for me to be well prepared. Today, I can be more spontaneous as I have accumulated some knowledge. That’s why I am still working, and I feel very confident about what I am doing.  

Can you say that you like your age?

Well, yes, with the exception of the numbers, if you understand what I mean. But I definitely feel more fresh and energetic than many 70-year-old people around me. It’s not something you would say out loud, but I have achieved this all by myself. Even though I had medical issues, I prefer not to focus on them.

What helps you in keeping your spirits high when you feel down, depressed or bored? 

I have practised meditation for a while. I don’t need this for now, but I often listen to relaxing music.

What can you afford now that you couldn’t afford when you were younger?

Well, I can afford to have a good life, eating good food, leading a healthy lifestyle, having nice clothes and travelling abroad. I have enough money, but I’m not striving for something exclusive but a high-quality everyday life. 

What can you easily spend your money on? 

We eat good food and often drink good wine. Also, I have always had fine clothes and even if I’m more neutral about it today, I prefer having a white shirt, a tie and a fine jacket that suits me well. I like looking elegant and fresh. And my sports activities, of course. I need to buy new golf clothes and equipment and so on.

Do you try learning something new, like a new language, a new gadget, a new sport?

I can’t say that I have made big progress, but I’m working on my laptop and studying Spanish. This process is quite slow as I still work and train actively, but I try to learn something every day. I have managed in Spain very well: I can go shopping, order food, exchange courtesies. The idea of learning this language has chased me since I went to Spain for the first time, and now I got an opportunity to fulfill this dream. If I had more time, I would study it even more. Though I love Italy better than Spain.

What food do you prefer?

I can eat any food, but Italian cuisine is my favourite. My father was a cook and sea stewart, and my Mum cooked magnificent meals. I don’t enjoy everyday food so much, but I love having a fine dinner. As we live on the West coast where there is a great variety of seafood and fish, we eat it rather often.

Do you cook often?

We help each other; my wife is working from home these days during the corona time, so I can easily cook something simple.

Do you think that you have a well-balanced diet? What do you do to balance it?

Yes, definitely. We switch between fish, vegetables, salads and meat. Though I think that beef with blood is extremely tasty, my stomach is not entirely agreeing with me on this, so I prefer lamb, veal, chicken and fish. All these years, when I have had lunch out, I ate fish three times a week. I like cooking fish also; it’s rather simple if you dare doing it.

Do you take food supplements?

Yes, I do. I have a knee prosthesis and arthritis and want to reduce the pain with the help of training and food supplements as much as possible. 

How long do you take them, and for how long do you plan to continue?

You can’t prove directly that they help, but I think I can see some changes. I replaced the cartilage in my knee (prosthesis), and I have managed to walk 10 kilometres with it so I can play a round in golf. I am taking supplements so that my arthrosis doesn’t affect the other knee. I feel that the combination of training and a healthy diet helps to keep it away. You get arthrosis when you get old, so it is, but through training and, probably, diet you can smooth your joints so that it doesn’t hurt, at least. I also feel that now I have cold symptoms less often. 

Do you know the whole range of / other Vitaliv products?

No, only those from the ad.

Have you heard of the Vitaliv Loyalty program? Do you use Vitapoints?

No, I can’t say so. Maybe I have come across an advertisement in some brochure, but I haven’t read it closely.

Have you recommended Vitaliv to anybody?

Yes, I have told my friends from sports that I am taking supplements and that it has been working for me.

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